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【Guitar Division】
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Kentaro Kaneko, the chief instructor at the guitar division (place: Roppongi)

Start to play the guitar from 14 years old, play in several bands while he was in a high school. Before 20 years old he already started to play as a sideman with several artists. From 2004 he enrolled in Berklee College of Music in Boston. Through his school days his performance attracts people's attentions in the industry and got offers from record companies.

After he came back Japan he starts to perform again as a sideman, studio musician, and work for a famous theme park. In 2010 he released his first album "Way to your heart".

Recently he arranged and played on an image song of a TV animation "Astalotte no Omocha!", and played on a video game composer Kenji Ito's "Re:Birth". His style is mostly based on rock, blues, funk, R&B, Jazz, and gets reputations for his emotional play.

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Tsuyoshi Kokubun, instructor at the guitar division (place: Koshigaya)

After graduate from a music college, he experienced several bands and enrolled in Los Angeles Music Academy at 25 years old, studied with Frank Gambale, JoyBasu, Dave Hill, Art Renshaw and Jeff Richman, had a chance to perform with many musicians from all over the world.

After come back to Japan, he has been working as an instructor, writer for a famous guitar magazine's column, and performer actively. He is especially good at performing rock / heavy metal, and his technique and power is outstanding amoung Japanese performers. Now he is working on his new album.

Favorite Musician: Ron Thal, Chritophe Godin, Norman Brown.

Demo performance 1
Demo performance 2

Tomonobu "Nobu" Teshima, instructor at the guitar division (place: Nishinippori)

From his high school days Nobu started to perform in several bands while he was in Aoyama gakuin University he passed the world scholarship audition and enrolled in Berklee College of Music from May 2005.

While he majored
Songwriting, he also learned guitar performance with Bret Willmott, Jim Kelly, Sal Difusco, Don Lappin and Tim Milleretc. He studied broad areas of composition with Jack Perricone, Arnold Friedman, Dan Smith, Henry Gaffney etc, and study conducting with David Callahan and Valerie Taylor etc.

After he graduate from the college, played in several bands in Boston for a year and come back Japan in Feb 2009. Now he is working as an instructor, a sideman / guitarist in several bands, and also as a composer for video games.

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Toshiyuki Honma, instructor at guitar division (place: Shibuya)
As an ex-guitarist/keyboardist/composer/arranger of million-seller band "THE TRA-BRYU", he has been contributed to the Japanese music industry as a genuine-professional musician for a long time. Now he is leading his own trio called "EBIUMA(蝦馬)" and performing actively while doing solo performances. He is also active as a producer/composer/arranger to foster young talents, and working as an instructor.

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Masakazu Kiritake, instructor at guitar division (place: Ikebukuro and Nerima)
Masakazu Kiritake was born in Hyogo

He has been playing guitar since 14

Age 20, he was impressed by Jiro Yoshida's playing who is one of the world-class guitarist,
and decided to drop out of college and go to US for study music.
In 2004 he enrolled in the Berklee College of Music. He studied composition and arrangement of jazz under the faculty of the jazz composition department. He also studied guitar with Jon Damian who is famous as the author of “The Guitarist's Guide to Composition and Improvising”. He learned a methodology for building an original solo.
In 2008 he graduated from Berklee College of Music.

Went back to Japan after graduation, he performed in local and taught guitar at a culture school and a guitar school. From 2012, he moved in Tokyo. He perform at live-spot and bar in the metropolitan area.

Demo Performance : Misty (solo guitar)

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【Bass Division】
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Taro Koike, the chief instructor at the bass division (place: Nishikasai)

Taro was born in Tokyo, started to play rock guitar at 15 years old. Afterwards he studied flamenco guitar with Masashi Yamazaki and Kohei Komori about four years, then switched his main instruments to 6-string fretless bass.

In 2005 he enrolled in Berklee College of Music on a scholarship. He studied composition, film scoring and bass performance with professor Thomas McGah, Arnold Friedman, Joseph Smith, Fernando Huergo, Yumiko Matsuoka, George Monseur, Thomas Hojnacki, Rick Kress, Kris Adams, Jonathan Klein, Bill Elliott, David Howard, Jim Stinnett and other splendid teachers.

After he came back home in 2007, he started to perform with various musicians around Tokyo. Currently he is writing to and playing with his own piano trio called “Kazuhiro, Taro & Chris“ with his schoolmates Kazuhiro Masuda 
(Pf.) and Chris Duke (Ds.). Also since 2011, he has been playing in a trio “EBIUMA(蝦馬)” formed by Toshiyuki Honma (Pf./G., ex. THE TRA-BRYU). He is a 6-string fretless bass' expert, has many solo repertories as well as trio performances.

Besides his personal works as a musician, he is also a member of a Hollywood-based music production called “PearUp Media”, managing its Japan branch office as a director and working on music for film, TV, animation and video game. In 2011 he joined in a orchestral recording team in Bratislava for SEGA's brand-new video game "Binary Domain".

As a member of PearUp Media, he also participated in a worldwide project of Japan's top video game company in 2011-2012. For the title PearUp Media wrote 52 pieces including the main theme, provided all the orchestration and orchestra recording supervision in Sydney.

Demo performance  Official Website:

Ryohei Doi, instructor at the bass division (place: Tachikawa)

Ryohei was born in1982 in Kobe City. He started to play the bass from 15 years old and enrolled in KOYO CONSERVATORY in 2002. While he was in the conservatory he was performing the bass professionaly with musicians such as rock/pop.

From 2004 he has moved to Tokyo and extend his work as a bass player, now he is playing
in various tours, recordings, TV shows etc. in both major and indies scene. From 2006 to 2010 he was performing in his own band called "Song Soup".

Not only as a bass player, but he is active as a composer/arranger. He writes music for many artists by using ProTools and Cubase, his works includes three CDs from Candy Jam Records which is published throughout an entire nation. He is also working as a well experienced music instructor, teaching bass and music softwares in several music schools.

Official Website:

Naohiro Atsuta, instructor at the bass division (place: Itabashi)

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Hiroshi Tokieda, instructor at the bass division (place: Kamiyacho)
Hiroshi Tokieda is a Composer/Arranger/Bass player who was born in Tokyo, Japan. Under the influence of his father, a professional Sound Engineer, Hiroshi grew up with his raw sense and talent in music nurtured by the likes of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Micheal Jackson and Hibari Misora among many others. Hiroshi’s personality was a natural match to the Bass guitar. At the age of 15, he began channeling his liberal musical ideas through a zigzag world of Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Latin, R&B Soul and even Metal.

After receiving a degree in Psychology in Tokyo, he took his remarkable versatility to Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. As a scholarship student, he majored in Film Scoring to help expand his knowledge in areas of Composition and Arranging. While pursuing his degree in Boston, Hiroshi worked as a Core Music Tutor on campus that involved teaching his peers music theory in terms of Jazz Harmony, Traditional Harmony, Composition and Arranging.

He continues his ventures at music festivals, recitals and recordings as a keen performer in multiple genres. His current establishments involve a track for an Indian art film that has been written in collaboration with a Singer/Songwriter from India. Other works involve multiple songs written predominantly in collaboration in the Popular Music category in USA and Japan.

Hironori Maniwa, instructor at the bass division (place: Tokorozawa)

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Noriaki Hosoya, instructor at the bass division (place: Noborito, Kawasaki City)
After graduated Berklee College of Music in Boston, U.S.A. as performance & jazz composition and arranging major, he moved to Berlin, Germany in 2010.
In 2011, he became, and is still, musical director of Canadian singer Rachelle Jeanty (ex. background vocalist of Celine Dion) as well as her bass player.
In 2012, one of his Berlin based project “Falk Bonitz Trio” was invited to "Germany-Week” event hosted by German Embassy in Georgia.
In 2010 his first solo album called "Landscapes“ (Disc Union Company) was published. In 2016 his upcoming album with European musicians will be published.
He is currently an endowed artist of Adamovic Basses (the Netherlands), Vanderkley Amplification (the Netherlands), and DL Cables (Poland).
He moved back to Japan in 2016 & is currently based in Tokyo.

【Drums Division】
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Isao Kato, the chief instructor at the drums division (place: Itabashi)

Isao has been joining in various recording sessions and tours including both vocal and instrumental music in Japan and USA. He learned the way to utilize the body in the best way at Alexander Technique's teacher training course in New York. Afterwards he applied it to his own drums performing and joined in many jam sessions in NYC, then participate in a tour to the west coast as a drummer. He is an endorser of Zildjian and PROTECTIONracket.

"I learned drums performing with famous performers such as Takeshi Inomata, Hiro Tsunoda, Steve Smith and David Cowan, and teaching
various styles by making use of it. I can help you out to find out your problem and solve it from my experieces and knowledge through my carreer as a professional drummer. "

Official Website:

Fumihiro Yoshikawa, instructor at the drums division (place: Choufu)

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Fumihiko Abe, instructor at the drums division (place: Kichijouji)

Fumihiko was born in 1962, started to play the piano and drums at 9 and 14 years old. After his age of late teens, he started to work as a professional drummer, performed various styles of music such as J-Pop and rock. SIngers with whom he has been worked with includes Junko Mihara, Shinya Aizaki and Isako Saneyoshi.

Recently he is mainly performing in an instrumental band called EBIUMA(蝦馬)formed by Toshiyuki Honma
(Pf./G., ex. THE TRA-BRYU) and released an album called Suikyou(粋狂)in 2010. While performing in bands he is working as a drums instructor and teaching many students from kids to seniors.

"I usually teach students from very basics. The lesson would start from the standard forms, how to hold sticks, how to set the instruments, how to create sounds in the right ways (without making troubles with your body), and it all depends on a student's preferences and goals. From many examples, students will learn the feel of rhythm/groove, various rhythm patterns and fill-ins to perform the instrument in an ensemble actually. Music can be heard in any situation through your daily life, and you could learn from it anytime. I also show the way to listen to music carefully as a performer, and the way to read/write scores etc. if you need. I'll guide you in accordance with your physical conditions and goals so that you can enjoy the drums in the best way!"

Official Website :

Shigeji Ishii, instructor at the drums division (place: Chiba)

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Naoki Aikawa, instructor at the drums division (place: Ikebukuro)
Naoki was born in Ibraki-Pref, Japan in1976 and started playing the drums at age of 15. In 2002 he enrolled Berklee College of Music and studied various drum styles with Casey Scheuerell, Joe Hunt and Dave DiCenso.

After graduating from the college, he came back to Japan in 2004. Based in Tokyo, he is performing as a leader and composer of his own trio called We3 and playing on several records like “Tinga Tinga Japonism” of Yasuyoshi Ogino, "Noriaki Hosoya Landscapes” of Naoriaki Hosoya, “Three Wishes” of Nobuki Takamen and so on.

Hirokazu "Jackson" Suyama, instructor at the drums division (place: Gakugei-daigaku-mae)
-Hirokazu Suyama goes beyond the role of percussion/drum player by bringing his own brand of creativeness to every song that's played.  -

When Hirokazu Suyama turned 6 years old, his brother suggested to him to play the piano and drum set. After falling in love with Steely Dan and Frank Zappa' music, which was introduced by his dad, he decided to be a professional drummer. 

Hirokazu entered Berklee College of Music as scholarship student. He studied drums with Kenwood Dennard, Dave DiCenso, and Terri lyne Carrington who won the grammy award 2014​. Also he started to play indian percussion call "tabla" and study with Subhajyoti Guha. (Zakir Hussain' disciple)

As Endangered Speeches, played opening act for  Hiphop group Pharcyde, Slum Village and original P-Funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell' band.

Since he started as a professional musician, He performed with many great musician such as a  Kenwood Dennard, Terri Lyne Carrington, Dave Dicenso, Lenny Stallworth, Jeff Lockhart, Amelia Ali, Digg Deep, and Ernie Isley.

Official website
Youtube Channel

【Piano Division】
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Toshiyuki Honma, the chief instructor at piano division (place: Shibuya)

As an ex-guitarist/keyboardist/composer/arranger of million-seller band "THE TRA-BRYU", he has been contributed to the Japanese music industry as a genuine-professional musician for a long time. Now he is leading his own trio called "EBIUMA(蝦馬)" and performing actively while doing solo performances. He is also active as a producer/composer/arranger to foster young talents, and working as an instructor.

Official Website :

Eriko Tatsuno, instructor at piano division (place: Senzokuike)

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Hiroki Yoshino, instructor at piano division (place: Nishikasai)

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Kazuhiro Masuda, instructor at piano division (place: Fuchuu)
Kazuhiro has started to play classical piano and compositions from his childhood and grew up with listening to various genres of music. While he was studying composition in Berklee College of Music, he started to be interested in improvisation. After coming back Japan he is performing actively as well as working as a composer/arranger for theater, TVCM etc.

He studied classical piano with Masako Kobayashi and Robert Christopherson, studied jazz piano with Jeff Covell and Laszlo Gardony. From his own experience of studying various styles of music, now he is guiding his student to cultivate their own personalities.

Mizuho Yamamoto, instructor at piano division (place: Funabashi-keibajo)
Composer/arranger/keyboardist. She was born in Nigata Prefecture, after graduating Tokyo College of Muisc Composition major she went to USA to study music more. While she was enrolling in Berklee College of Music she was listed on DEANS LIST in succession. She also studied and performed at Miami Dade College as a pianist for opera courses under exclusive contract.

She studied composition with Manabu Kawai, Akira Nishimura and Yutaka Fujiwara, studied orchestration with Shinichiro Ikebe, studied jazz piano with Mike Gerber and Jeff Govell.

In 2008, as the first Japanese winner, she won 2nd award of "International Songwriting Competition (Instrumental music)" judged by producers of major record companies in USA, popular artists such as Chaka Khan, Ricky Martin and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Currently she is working on compositions for DVDs or dance music, performs as a pianist for singers, and teaching piano performance, composition/arranging and ear training.

Official Website:

【Violin Division】
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Satoshi Setsune, instructor at piano division (place: Senzokuike)

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【Vocal Division】
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Yolis, instructor at vocal division (place: Shinjuku)
"My name is YOKO as known as 'yolis'.
I'm a singer/songwriter.
I love listening to music, singing them, writing them you name it I may able to do it that is if it has anyting to do with music.
I came to America when I was 18 years old, and I always wanted to be a singer since I was 3 years of age.
Music to me is food, you can't live without food can you?
I sang my very first talent gig at Amateur Night at the Apollo in New York which I came in 2nd place. I really couldn't believe that I could make it that far but I did because of the passion I have about music.

Tea, instructor at vocal division (place: Kamiyacho)
Tea is a Singer/Songwriter/Lyricist who was born in Pune, India. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Fergusson College, Pune, India and a Bachelor’s degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA.
Her foundation is an extraordinary mix of genres including but not limited to Western Classical, Indian Classical, Soul, Jazz, R&B and Popular Music with influences from Middle Eastern, Serbian, Chinese and Korean traditional music.
Her exposure to such different forms of music has contributed extensively to her broad perspective in terms of her musical interests, ideas and versatility.
She has performed live at venues like Hard Rock Café, Pune/Bombay, India, Blue Note, New York, USA and San Francisco Jazz Center, San Francisco, USA.
She has won an all-state singing competition in India. She was also a finalist on a Reality TV show called FameX on national television in India and a finalist in an international songwriting competition in the UK.
She is currently in the midst of collaborations with musicians and writers in Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco, USA.
Her debut EP/CD is coming soon.

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